Narayanganj City
Dec 21, 2016

Narayanganj City:(নারায়ণগঞ্জ) is located in the Narayanganj District near the Dhaka City. There are about 0.22 people are living here. The city is stands on the bank of the Shitalakshya River. Narayanganj is the river port and one of the oldest cities in Bangladesh. It is also an internal part of business and industry. This City is well known for textile sector, jute trade and processing plants of the country.

The City town got its name from Bicon Lal Pandey. He was a leader Hindu religious. His was also known as Lakhsmi Narayan Thakur. A post office was established in 1866. The Narayanganj city was incorporated on 8th September 1876. Narayanganj Victoria Hospital is the first hospital of the area. It was established in 1885. Narayanganj City consists of five upazilas, forty seven unions and eight hundred and twenty seven villages. There are also seven police stations here.

Narayanganj City Corporation was established on 5th May 2011 combining three municipalities. These are Siddhirganj Municipality, Narayanganj Municipality and Kadam Rasul Municipality. Narayanganj City is performing a vital role in the economy of Bangladesh. A lot of garments and industries have grown up here. A board portion of Bangladesh economy depends on this city.

Narayanganj City founded in producing yarn and dyeing items. The cottage industries are rich in this district. The import and export business and shipyard brickfield etc. generated employment opportunities. For this, the people are facilitated for additional occupation for livelihood. The small and medium industries of cotton are growing day-by-day. This fills the employ aids of the local people. Agriculture is the rural economy of Narayanganj.

The ancient city of Sonargaon is located at Narayanganj district. Sonargaon has become most famous tourist place for people. Everyday many people are going to make a holiday at this place. Narayanganj City is thirty two kilometers far from Dhaka City. It will take at one and half hour to reach this city.


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