The Ekushey Book Fair
Nov 16, 2016

The Ekushey Book Fair also known as Amar Ekushe Grantha Mela. It is the national book fair of Bangladesh. It is organized each year by Bangla Academy. It takes place for the whole February month in Dhaka. This event is devoted to the martyrs who died on 21st February in 1952. It was a display calling for the concern of Bengali as one of the national language of Bangladesh.

Muktodhara Publishing house started sale book in front of Bangla Academy in the 21st February in 1972. Chittaranjan Saha of Muktodhara took the proposal. Later, other book publishers joined informally. Little by little it became official and the most accepted book fair in Bangladesh.

Bangla Academy received over union of the fair in 1978. It was named Amar Ekushey Book Fair in 1984. Particularly another national book fair called Dhaka Boi Mela. It was initiated in 1990s. This book fair is prepared by government in February every year.

Boi Mela started merely as a book fair. It has changed into a national cultural festival. It has been reflecting the cultural strength of the modern Bengali nation. Beside the sales of books, Bangla Academy arranges cultural and literary events every day.

Thousand of books are displayed in this book fair. A lot of writer participate this fair for their reputation. A lot of people get together to purchase books and to splurge time in the company of books. There is no entry fee needed. Publishers of Bangladesh take year-long training to publish an enormous number of books throughout this month. Profit is not the reflection.

The fair continues from 1st February to the 28th. It is restricted only in Bangla Academy’s border. The Ministry of Culture is in organized of the fair. Typically the Prime Minister launches the fair. Just the Bangladeshi booksellers can join. They must have at least twenty five books of their own. During this fair the award recognized as Ekushe Podok has awarded to selected person. This fair contains the history of Mother Language of Bangladeshi people.


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