Dr Abed Chaudhury
Jul 13, 2018

Dr Abed Chaudhury is a Bangladeshi geneticist and science writer. He was born in Moulvibazar District of Sylhet Division on February in 1956. He has been living in Australia. He is on talent pursue in rural area of Bangladesh. He was motivated by his late mother Hafiza Khatun Chowdhury for success. He has renowned for getting the Bangladeshi rice variety by IRRI.  These varieties were first asserted to be of Indian origin.

Abed Chaudhury studied at Moulvibazar Government High School. He was a student of Notre Dame College of Dhaka also. He completed his bachelor’s degree from Dhaka University in chemistry. He got his PhD degree from University of Oregon. After that did post-doctoral research in the United States at National Institutes of Health and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was a visiting scientist in France.

Abed is a renowned geneticist. He with colleagues in Australia isolated the fertilization sovereign seed genes together. The mutants can produce fractional seed without fertilization. These are the first characterized genes involved in apomixes, a method of making seed without the father. He is leading a team of scientists in his research at Australia.

Abed Chaudhury has written many articles in several science journals for scientists. He wrote these in normal papers for common people in Bengali and English. His first book Shoibal O Ontorikko was published by Dibya Prokash in 1999. It is a book of anthology of poems. He also wrote on two columns of online news portal. Paradigm Shift, Manusher Gene, Gener Manush and other books have written by him.

Dr Abed Chowdhury attended the program as a chief guest at several schools during 2006. He was attended with General Secretary of Bangladesh. This famous scientist is presently living in Australia. He is idol personality for the young generation of Bangladesh. His activities inspire people to be a scientist.


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