Dhaka World Music Festival
Feb 04, 2017

The Dhaka World Music Festival submitted to as Dhaka World Music Fest. It is an international music festival held in Dhaka every year. It represents quality of national and international music stars of dissimilar types in Bangladesh. The festival envelops a wide scope of recitals from local folk and habitual music types. The festival is apparent to be a basic platform in Bangladesh. It organized to observer the exact fusion in the shape of world music.

Runi Khan is the creator of Dhaka World Music Festival. She was proposing to stage a main event. It would comment the 40th anniversary of that significant concert. She also had a long appreciated wish to obtain world focus on the Bangladeshi music. She was recognizing her country’s lack in the global cultural scene. This festival encouraged by the socio-political force of music during a concert for Bangladesh.

The Bangladeshi musicians can emphasize the rich civilization and bequest of Bangladesh. Overcome by the idea of Runi was also preparation to hold an annual world music program. Runi’s idea of positioning a festival was musicians from all above the world. It would carry out their customary music in their mother language surfaced influential for the company. The idea befit further persuasive as the fair would produce Dhaka as a global cultural city.

The opening edition of Dhaka World Music Festival organized in 2011. It held at Sultana Kamal Mohila Krira Complex at Dhanmondi of Dhaka city. It was organized jointly by several sponsors. International music performers like performs with local artists in this super event.

Dhaka World Music Festival ended with an impressive finale where all eight bands came jointly on the stage. The event showed to be enormous success with being experiential ardently by the fervent music lovers in Bangladesh. People of Bangladesh and came from other country were enjoyed this event very much.


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