Mar 03, 2017

The Church of Bangladesh is a church of the Anglican Communion of Bangladesh. It is a united church shaped by the union of various Christian churches in the region, mainly Anglican and Presbyterian. This Church is also a member of the World Communion of Reformed Churches.

The Church of Bangladesh came into being as the result of the division from Pakistan. This started as a group which alert on language and took form through the liberation war in 1971. It is created a self-governing Bangladesh. The Synod of the Church of Pakistan affirmed and certified a free and free status on 30th April in 1974. The Church of Bangladesh brings jointly the Anglican and English Presbyterian Churches.

The attempts were made to amplify local leadership following the creation of the independent Church in Bangladesh. B. D. Mondal was holy as the first state bishop of Dhaka Diocese in 1975. He tried to pursue the path of Bishop Blair. He was hopeful that the active sharing of lay leaders from all sections of the church flocks. B. D. Mondal became the first mediator of the Church after the formation of the Synod. Michael S. Baroi was the assistant moderator.

The mission of this Church is to observable and reproduces of good news. It is ensuring well being of the humanity that would be recognized through respect and achievement. It is the place of different welfare activities counting social, educational, economic health and others. The people of this church believe in and wish for religious enrichment as well as social justice and self-sustainability those rely and reproduce upon renewal of ethical qualities of all. It is most important place for christen religious people in Bangladesh.

The Synod Office of Church of Bangladesh is located at Barobag in Mirpur 2 of Dhaka city.


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