M. A. Aziz Stadium
Jan 30, 2017

M. A. Aziz Stadium Bengali: (এম এ আজিজ স্টেডিয়াম) is also famous as Chittagong Stadium. It is a flexible stadium in Chittagong of Bangladesh. The local football and cricket teams play here regular. Its total capacity is thirty thousand. This stadium was used as head office during the war for independence in 1971. The Stadium has become only 2nd test venue in Bangladesh in 2005.

At first on 1st January in 1955 Indian team came to play in the newly built stadium. Their rivals were East Pakistan Sports Federation. After that this Stadium was called Niaz Stadium. He was the District Administrator of that time. He helped to build it. Later this name was changed. During 1976 to 1977 the name of the stadium was changed to Chattagram Jilla Krira Porishod. It means Chittagong District Sports Organization stadium.

M. A. Aziz Stadium became the centre of sports over the years in Chittagong. At the external part of the stadium Star Jubo and Star Summer contests were also held. East Bengal came to play also. In 1980, Cricket was started to be partial by Abedin and Ispahani and Asgar, family. Many of the National Team cricketers like Akram Khan, Nurul Abedin and Minhajul Abedin were started their careers here.

On 27th October in 1988 the first ODI tournament took place back during the Wills Asia Cup. India and Pakistan was the opponent team of Bangladesh. The stadium made a debut as the 82nd test venue on 15th November in 2001.

The venue has hosted eight test matches and ten ODI matches. M. A. Aziz Stadium hosted cricket matches of the second edition of Bangle BPL. At present the stadium is the main football site of the port city Chittagong. The main cricket venue has been moved to the Zohur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium.


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