Boat Race
Nov 16, 2016

Boat Race is locally known as ‘Nouka Baich’ in Bangla. It is much admired game in reverie areas of Bangladesh. Boat race exhibits the boatmen’s technique. It shows the ability of them in giving their boats the maximum speed and advance direction. In national boat race the boats have to cover a distance of six hundred and fifty meters. Each boat can be populated by 7 to 100 persons.

Rivers form an essential part of tradition, literature, history, culture and sports of Bangladesh. Boat race therefore, is an important part of folk culture. River crafts help make ports and marketplaces requiring the services of professional carpenters.  They are habitually found to fight in skills in making boats. Different districts have dissimilar types of boat. Mostly in Dhaka, Mymensingh and Gaffargaon kosha type of boats are used for racing. These boats are slender in shape and can be as long as one hundred and fifty to two hundred feet. Their facade and back sides are straight.

During Muslim rule the Nawabs and other ruler people used to arrange boat race. Along with some basis, they used their naval convoy for this purpose. In the coastal strap of East Bengal it was necessary to uphold naval forces. To protect the kingdom or absorb other kingdoms this had created. Their fleet used to have smooth boats known as ‘chhip’. Now these boats are the pleasure of their speed is enjoyed even now by the ordinary people of Bangladesh.

During the racing the boatmen sing row music together. Singers stay on the boat with musical instrument. A lot of people crowd beside the bang of the river to enjoy the boat race much. Winner team of the boat race is rewarded.

Bangladesh Rowing Federation was shaped to support boat racing and progress its association in 1974. It helped to set up a link between usual boat racing and current rowing. The alliance is a member of several global rowing federations. To support this sport, every year a colorful national boat race is prepared in Bangladesh. An international boat race was also arranged in 1990.


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